Anxiety Treatment
  • You no longer have to be overwhelmed or consumed by your anxiety. Dr. Renee Drolet takes a multimodal approach to help you define and manage your anxiety symptoms.

  • Book a consultation call today to explore your options to optimize your mental wellness and reduce the negative effects of anxiety on your life.

Cancer Mental Health Support

Dr. Renee Drolet is uniquely trained to evaluate and treat mental health challenges that often coexist with cancer and other serious medical illness, such as:

  • adjustment-related mood symptoms

  • fatigue

  • cognitive challenges

  • existential or spiritual distress

  • coping with uncertainty

Intiating Apps
Initial Evaluation
  • Information gathered about your history, presenting concerns, and provide an overall assessment and treatment plan. We will work together to define treatment goals.

  • Typically 60-120 minutes, depending on complexity

Creating Balance
Follow Up: Medication Management
  • 20-25 Munites

Creating Balance
Follow Up: Psychotherapy
  • Usually medication management is also provided

  • 50 Munites

Creating Balance
Outpatient Psychiatric Consultation

We are open to referrals from primary care, oncology, or other medical specialty providers to specifically diagnose and provide treatment recommendations for less complex, straightforward mental health diagnoses that may be able to ultimately be managed by the primary referring provider.