Drolet Psychiatry

A Psychiatry Practice Focused on Providing Exceptional, Concierge-level, Personalized Mental Health Care

Dr. Renee Drolet, founder of Drolet Psychiatry
  • After completing medical school with a dual degree (MD, MA) in Chicago at Northwestern, I completed my residency training in adult psychiatry at UCSF
  • My approach is empathic, warm and collaborative
  • My unique training experiences allow me to offer subspecialty services in cancer psychiatry (psycho-oncology)
  • My personal experience with anxiety has given me perspective in how to help others successfully cope with it as well.
  • I enjoy consulting with primary care and other specialty providers to provide education about mental health care
  • I continue to mentor UCSF psychiatry residents as a Volunteer Clinical Professor
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Drolet Psychiatry

Drolet Psychiatry exists to provide specialized mental health services, and strives to get around the limitations we have seen in larger academic institutions. At Drolet Psychiatry, there are:

  • no waitlists
  • services offered for a variety of diagnoses
  • services available for family members

Multimodal Approach to Treatment:

  • Collaboration with your other medical team providers
  • Overlap between mental health and symptom management
  • Psychotherapy
  • Medication Management
  • Medical-trauma related evaluation and treatment
  • Group psychotherapy and other community support opportunities

Please reach out today for your free consultation phone call with Dr. Drolet if you are interested in the services above. We are available to answer any questions you may have.