Drolet Psychiatry

A Psychiatry Practice Focused on Providing Exceptional, Concierge-level, Personalized Mental Health Care

Using a model that incorporates principles derived from a concierge medical practice, Drolet Psychiatry strives to provide exceptional, individualized treatment planning that allows time and space for maintaining a high standard of care.

The Practice

A Brief Introduction

At Drolet Psychiatry, your care and quality of life are a top priority. We are comfortable treating and supporting you through your unique mental health journey. With our support, you will not have to figure this out alone. Our goal is to be present with you as we navigate through your path to wellness one step at a time. Dr. Renee Drolet specializes further in:
  • Treating and coping with anxiety
  • Mental health issues that arise during cancer (see the psycho-oncology page for more information)
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Additional Services

In addition, we are uniquely trained to evaluate and treat mental health challenges that often coexist with serious medical illness, such as:

  • adjustment-related mood symptoms
  • fatigue
  • cognitive challenges
  • existential or spiritual distress
  • coping with uncertainty
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